Living Room

interior living roomWhether you’re looking to brighten up your living room in a big way or you’re simply thinking about adding a little bit of color to make it “pop” – there are some easy steps you can follow to brighten the room and make your area appear bigger and brighter. Using these easy to implement ideas you can develop a brighter space without doing an wholesale room remodel or spending excess cash.

1 – Colors play a major role in the feel and look of your room. The lighter the color, the more brightness possible for your room. Pastel colors are perfect if you’d like to lighten the area and add a bright, airy feel to the room. If you have a great deal of natural light coming in, choosing a brighter, bolder color might be an excellent alternative for you. Pastels incorporated with a great deal of natural light can quickly look washed out, so your vibrancy choice will depend on how many windows or skylights are in the room . Staying away from dark browns or blues will help your room from feeling constricted.

2 – If you do not have a lot of natural lighting and changing your wall color isn’t an option – you can add pops of color that will assist to instantly brighten up the room. If you have a mostly brown or tan room and you ‘d like to brighten up the area, one choice you can turn to is introducing some gold into the room.

If you have hardwood floors in the room, either taking away a darker colored throw rug or adding a lighter colored rug can quickly brighten up the area. If you are considering brand-new carpets, picking either a light neutral color or a brighter tone (depending on your wall color) will help provide the room some life.

4 – If you do have a great deal of windows in the room, light airy curtains can highlight the windows, as well as allow them to let in more light. Many individuals select dark colors for their blinds or drapes and by simply lightening up these colors you can make a world of difference. If you have darkly colored blinds or drapes, switching them over to either a white or a matching color for the room will certainly allow more light in and highlight the window area a little bit more.

5 – Illuminating a room with a variety of lighting fixtures that have a variety of warmth will definitely make a room brighter, but it might be too much (especially if the space is small) if you move too far to the blue end of the color spectrum. If you have a good sized room, you do not need a lamp on every table, however making sure that you have sufficient light for the room is essential.

By keeping these standards in mind, you can really brighten an area by making easy and fast modifications. You will not have to go through a major overhaul or invest an entire paycheck, however you’ll be well along the path to a larger looking and brighter living room.