Do I Need New Lighting for my Vanity?

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My vanity lighting is not bad, but really outdated and with the kids out of the house, I have been thinking about re-doing the vanity. I’ve been researching some ideas, but I have narrowed it down to a few choices.  I really need something that is elegant enough for company but functional enough for every day use.

Here’s what my good buddies at Houzz say

“What types of lighting works best in bathrooms?
Because a bathroom is often a small space, opt for space-saving units instead of oversized chandeliers or floor lamps. Strip lights, recessed, ceiling and wall fixtures are all popular options.
Strip lights: When placed above or alongside your bathroom mirror, strip lights will significantly reduce shadows, helping you shave or apply makeup. Available in a variety of styles, including globes, upturned or downturned cups, strip lights work best with halogen or fluorescent bulbs.
Recessed and overhead lights: For general or task lighting, particularly above the shower or commode, recessed or overhead fixtures are generally your best bet. Depending on the light bulb and wattage you use, they can provide a soft glow or a bright light.
Wall lights: A wall light, such as a bracket or sconce, is ideal for accenting and complementing overhead lights. They can add a decorative flair to the bathroom and can also be installed beside mirrors to help reduce shadows. ”

Thanks Houzz! Need to go shopping!

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