Do I Need New Lighting for my Vanity?

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My vanity lighting is not bad, but really outdated and with the kids out of the house, I have been thinking about re-doing the vanity. I’ve been researching some ideas, but I have narrowed it down to a few choices.  I really need something that is elegant enough for company but functional enough for every day use.

Here’s what my good buddies at Houzz say

“What types of lighting works best in bathrooms?
Because a bathroom is often a small space, opt for space-saving units instead of oversized chandeliers or floor lamps. Strip lights, recessed, ceiling and wall fixtures are all popular options.
Strip lights: When placed above or alongside your bathroom mirror, strip lights will significantly reduce shadows, helping you shave or apply makeup. Available in a variety of styles, including globes, upturned or downturned cups, strip lights work best with halogen or fluorescent bulbs.
Recessed and overhead lights: For general or task lighting, particularly above the shower or commode, recessed or overhead fixtures are generally your best bet. Depending on the light bulb and wattage you use, they can provide a soft glow or a bright light.
Wall lights: A wall light, such as a bracket or sconce, is ideal for accenting and complementing overhead lights. They can add a decorative flair to the bathroom and can also be installed beside mirrors to help reduce shadows. ”

Thanks Houzz! Need to go shopping!

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Granite Countertops for Your Kitchen

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tabletopWhether you are constructing a new house, or just remodeling your kitchen area, granite counter tops can be an excellent enhancement to the beauty of your job. When selecting a new countertop,.
you require to consider not just its appearance, but its resilience and ease of maintenance.

Granite counter tops are readily available in an abundance of textures and colors. The look relies on the specific mix of minerals in this naturally taking place stone. Colors differ from virtually white or ivory, to nearly pure black. And, in between the extremes, you’ll discover a rainbow of colors from which to pick. Granite colors might be blue, red, burgundy. brown, gray, beige, yellow, gold, green, etc. Occasionally you will find a number of different colors in the same piece of stone.

The texture can vary from a relatively uniform salt and pepper look, to a turbulent swirling of different colored minerals. Some have a vein of a certain mineral running with the stone. Some people discover this to be an attractive rustic look, while others see it as a defect. You get to choose whatever you like.

Granite is one of the hardest normally happening stones. A diamond saw is needed to cut granite counter tops to fit your kitchen area and to cut the hole for installing the sink.

Some other benefits of granite countertops are that they withstand staining and bacteria build-up. Granite can stain, however, so it is conventional practice to seal the surface area to prevent this. The result is that granite will resist staining too, or much better, than any other stone countertop material. Bear in mind though, stain-resistant is not the like stain-proof. Spills must be cleaned up without delay from any countertop surface area.

It would be well worth your time to go to a local supplier that specializes in granite counter tops. They should be able to discuss how granite compares with numerous other products that are readily available, and which they probably bring, such as: ceramic, soap stone, marble, and so on. While you are there, you’ll have an opportunity to see a broad range of granite colors and structures.

The substantial variety of colors, textures and toughness makes granite countertops an excellent option for any home. Careful choice and correct installation of granite countertops include elegance and value to your home.

Whether you are building a new house, or simply remodeling your kitchen area, granite countertops can be an excellent improvement to the charm of your project. Granite countertops are readily available in an abundance of textures and colors. A diamond saw is required to cut granite counter tops to fit your kitchen area and to cut the hole for installing the sink. The outcome is that granite will resist staining as well, or much better, than any other stone countertop material. The huge variety of colors, textures and durability makes granite counter tops an outstanding option for any home.

Getting a quality countertop is essential for any kitchen project, and with all the different types of stone out there, it can be difficult to choose.  To get superior glen-ellyn countertops from natural granite installed today – GraniteSlabBlocks please go to Granite blocks and Slabs wholesale

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The Artichoke Lamp

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lampsThe Artichoke lamp is a splendid piece of lighting that can be made use of for a variety of applications, depending upon the kind of lamp you select to have in your living room. Simply like with other lighting component, the construction of the lamp will certainly identify its application.

Function of Lighting Fixture

This kind of lamp is likewise made for ornamental lighting or to enable you to check out from whichever room it is placed in. You require to identify if it will also be utilized for reading or only for beautification. A living room might also have areas that might be reserved for studying, and therefore need even more lighting than others.

The shade of the Artichoke lamp is usually comprised of a series of overlapping leaves, much like the genuine artichoke. This is specifically real if it is a chandelier light meant for your living room. This design is constant with the initial one by the designer who developed this lamp back in 1958. There are now lots of variations of the design.

There are those that are implied for the desktop and unlike the chandelier kind, the decorative Artichoke leaves design, the decors are on the base of the lighting component. This is terrific for those who do not really want the designs to disrupt the lighting and illumination. The chandelier design, is consistent with the original design and the initial designer indicated it to be that way.

Level of Illumination

The light’s shade with colored leaves tend to offer a dimmer lighting that is not suitable for reading. Think about opting for a lighting piece, white colored shades if you want to get adequate illumination for reading.

The other thing that you need to think about is the design. The flat shaped petals also tend to look even more sophisticated and modern-day, even though this is closer to the original design from 1958.

Determining Style

To make best use of the contemporary appearance design, think about petals with a metallic finish on the surface of the shade. You therefore have to find designer lamps that match with the theme of your living room in addition to your decor. This choice has to be made before the purchase to stay clear of the dissatisfaction of having a lighting fixture that does not fit into your living room.

If you are going to be going for free standing lighting pieces, then you have to consider the following things. If it is a stand alone piece standing away from the other furnishings, in locations such as the hall means, then the base must be broad adequate to ensure it is not knocked off by passersby.

This type of lamp is also developed for ornamental lighting or to permit you to check out from whichever space it is positioned in. A living room could likewise have locations that might be set aside for studying, and for that reason need even more lighting than others.

There are those that are suggested for the desktop and unlike the chandelier kind, the ornamental Artichoke leaves design, the decors are on the base of the lighting fixture. This choice requires to be made before the purchase to prevent the frustration of having a lighting fixture that does not fit into your living room.

Remodeling your home for the summer or winter can be difficult, and finding the right kind of lighting is usually the final step. Whether it is window treatment consultation Batavia illinois or finding a painting consultant in Geneva iLL paint color consultation, you can find the right contractor for your next project. For more information please go to

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Garage Window Treatment Basics

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window replacementA damaged or malfunctioning window treatment doesn’t have to send you to the store for a whole new set of blinds. Think about whether blind repair work is right for your situation.

Your garage window treatments are the lids and lashes if your windows are your garage’s eyes on the world. From decorative drapes to practical blinds, window treatments add to design to a room, control light and temperature, and supply a level of privacy. However when your blinds break or malfunction, they go from being a beneficial furnishing to an irritating eyesore. You could be lured to rip down those broken blinds and toss them away, before going off to your regional window therapy seller for a replacement set. Sometimes, nonetheless, blind repair is a more economical and rewarding choice than replacement. Bear in mind a couple of essential aspects when making the choice.

Common Blind Issues

Though they’re easy to operate, blinds are composed of a number of components– and each of these components is vulnerable to breaking or malfunctioning, especially in a garage setting where they will see more significant wear and tear as compared to those in the house. The string or chain to raise and decrease the blinds might become tangled or stuck. The cord-lock might stop locking, indicating the blinds won’t remain in the raised position. The tilter system, which manages just how much light you allow, could stop working. Or you might move the exact same set of blinds to a various window only to discover that they’re too short or too long. Some of these issues require a single replacement part to be fixed; others require even more complicated repairs. Relying on where you purchased the blinds and who installed them, you might have access to blind repair services. Ask about your problem and what it would require to fix it.


When choosing in between blind repair and replacement, consider the visual appeals of the space. Are these your preferred blinds? Are they a main feature in the room’s decoration? If the response is “indeed,” it might be worth calling in a window blind repair specialist to see if they can be conserved. Nonetheless, if your blinds are a number of years of ages and have actually seen much better days, this may be your chance to change them. If you love the look of the blinds, check whether the seller still produces the same model. Or, jump at the chance to upgrade, looking for brand-new horizontal blinds and even Roman shades to upgrade the look of the room.


The amount of did you spend for the blinds initially? Did you install them yourself or utilize expert installation services? And just how much will it cost to take care of the issue? When choosing whether to call in a window blind repair professional, weigh all of the expenses. Blinds bought from a big box seller may not be worth repairing, due to the fact that you can buy replacement designs for the exact same cost. Nonetheless, if you consider your window treatments to be a financial investment in your house and therefore decided for upscale blinds, repair of a single element may be much cheaper than full replacement. Remember that a blind retailer might offer reduced and even free repair services on blinds bought from their store as part of their item guarantee.

Whether you go with blind repair work or replacement, keep in mind that blinds that are treated appropriately will look their finest and last longer. Raise and lower them with care, instead of tugging and pulling. If the cord has the tendency to tangle, tuck it up out of the method up until you require it. Whether you invested $20 or $200 on your window treatments, you desire to get the most from your investment.

Some of this maybe overwhelming to you, and that is okay. Luckily these Bolingbrook Garage Door guys know what they are doing when it comes to garage doors, garage springs, garage openers and YES garage window treatments!

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Repairing a Cracked Tile

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tile2Tile floors are getting more and more popular. In Panama, just about every structure, workplace or house includes tile floors. This appeal is because of both tiles looks and toughness.

Nonetheless, tile floors are not unbreakable. And eventually, if you have tile, you may need to deal with a fracture.

Tile can be fixed, but just if you can discover a matching tile. So, it’ses a good idea to have your professional leave you a few additional if at all possible.

You are going to have no option but find one that is as close as possible if you can not discover a precise match. Your other choice would be to replace several tiles and attempt to make an intriguing pattern.

But, in any case, the fix is essentially the same.

The very first thing you require to do is identify the reason for the crack. Clearly, if you dropped something on the tile, that will be simple to figure out. Nevertheless, if a crack appeared on its own, the cause could be a little less obvious.

It might be due to settling of our home or foundation. Or it can have been caused by a disruption that you were not familiar with. Regardless, you need to deal with and find that initially.

Next, you need to remove the grout that is surrounding any of the damaged tiles. Make certain that you look closely at any tiles near the evident damage, because they could be broken also.

Get rid of all the grout utilizing a grout removal device.

Next, making use of a hammer and chisel, chip out the broken tiles. Be very careful not to harm any of the surrounding tile.

After the tile is eliminated, scrape out all of the adhesive to make a good smooth surface. Your new tile will sit higher than the surrounding tile and look very evident if any of this is left over.

Do a “test fit” of your brand-new tile. It ought to sit level, and somewhat lower than the rest of the tiles around it.

Once it is test fitted, it is time to apply the adhesive. Utilizing a strategy called back buttering, spread out a thin coat of adhesive on the back of the tile. Use a dot more in the center and on each corner.

Press the tile into place ensuring that it is centered, level and at the same height as the surrounding tiles. Clean up any “additional” adhesive and permit to dry.

Usage your wrist to press the grout tightly into the areas between the tiles. After applying the grout, go over the tiles with a damp (not wet) sponge to eliminate excess grout.

If you have matching tiles, fixing a single broken tile is a relatively straight forward treatment. The most difficult part is determining the reason for the fracture, if you just weren’t around at the time.

You just require to follow the actions of eliminating the old tile, and putting a new one.

However, fixing a cracked tile can be hard if you do not have a matching tile, so you must constantly try to be prepared with a few spare if possible.

There is no need to live with a cracked tile. It can be fixed swiftly and easily either yourself, or by a qualified professional.

Tile floors are getting more and more popular. In Panama, just about every office, building or home contains tile floors. Utilizing a strategy called back buttering, spread a thin coat of adhesive on the back of the tile. Use your wrist to press the grout snugly into the spaces between the tiles. After applying the grout, go over the tiles with a moist (not damp) sponge to get rid of excess grout.

All of this can be difficult to comprehend, and no worries because Mr Tile & Grout : Naperville grout and tile cleaning authority dispatches mildew. For more information on mildew and tile please go to www.mrTile&groutcleaning

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